• Chad Mitchell

    Chad Mitchell

    Rad - The radioactive boy, forever stuck in a suit.
  • Clara Barrington

    Clara Barrington

    Because she "refracts" energy. Get it?
  • Dylan Langley

    Dylan Langley

    Gadgeteer Lad
  • Greenman


    Faeling Avalonian with a predilection for plantlife
  • Jennifer Hobbes

    Jennifer Hobbes

    Kid Gargoyle - Sidekick to Gargoyle, transforming animalistic adventurer and member of The Team.
  • Regina White

    Regina White

    Regina - a lovely girl found in some kind of pod at the bottom level of Caudecus Laboratories.
  • Sidewinder


    Sidewinder - Mild-mannered snake girl
  • Sybil Knox

    Sybil Knox

    Telepath - sidekick to Master Talu