Jennifer Hobbes

Kid Gargoyle - Sidekick to Gargoyle, transforming animalistic adventurer and member of The Team.


Jennifer Hobbes

Kid Gargoyle

Calling: Adventurer

Strength – 5c (Natural Weapons) (Climbing)

Agility – 6c (Ariel Combat) (Acrobatics)

Intellect – 9c (Occult) (Investigate)

Willpower – 5c (Observation) (Intimidation)

Limit: Transformation

(Purple) Ability Boost – 10 (Dual Ability Boost – Strength/Agility)

(Red) Wings – 10 (Protected Wings)

(Green) Claws – 10 (Wall-crawling) (Diamond Hard)

(Purple) Enhanced Senses – 10 (Infravision)


Jennifer Hobbes’s powers manifested when she was taking a trip with her mother, Johanna Hobbes, to NYC. They were having a wonderful time—until they took a wrong turn and wound up in a less-than-ideal neighborhood. A young man confronted Jennifer and her mother and demanded their money. Not seeing a weapon, Johanna refused. The young man instead attacked Jennifer with psychic powers, intending to cow Johanna into submitting to the mugging.

He did not anticipate what he was going to unleash. The attack on Jen’s mind triggered a primal reaction—and the young girl turned into a monster. Horrified by the raging beast he saw coming at him, the young man lashed out psychically again and again, but it didn’t stop the creature Jen had become.

The Coalition Counsel swiftly got word of the rampaging monster that was chasing some boy through the streets of New York City, and confronted the beast. Jennifer was contained, the young man got away—but they found Johanna Hobbes unconscious and in a vegetative state from the psychic attack. After the whole story came out, Jennifer was extended a invitation to study at the Academy. Her father, Carl, gave her his blessing.

Johanna was moved into a facility for victims of superpower-induced conditions, but no psychic has been able to reverse what had been done to her in that young man’s moment of panic. He has never been located. Eventually, one of the original heroes, Gargoyle, took Jennifer under his wind as Kid Gargoyle. Jen’s been thriving under his tutelage, but every few months she visits her mom in the hospital.

Jennifer Hobbes

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