Sybil Knox

Telepath - sidekick to Master Talu


Sybil is fairly average looking, except for her large green eyes. She has shoulder-length, sandy brown hair, and stands about 5’5". She wears monk’s robes most of the time, in a dove gray. When she is on a mission where action may be called for, she wears a dove gray Gi, though she does not use martial arts, as she has only started studying them under Master Talu, since she has recently been assigned to be his sidekick. When out on a mission, Sybil is the conduit for the group. She creates a mind-link, so the group can communicate silently, within a 150 yard radius from her. Additionally, she tends to provide backup to whomever she can, according to the circumstances, and uses her powers of mental manipulation where appropriate.


Sybil Knox

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