Chad Mitchell

Rad - The radioactive boy, forever stuck in a suit.


Name: Chad Mitchell

Codename: “Rad”

Calling: Thrill-Seeker

Edge: 1

Hand Size: 3

Disadvantage: Guilt-ridden



Climbing, Wrestling


Escape Artistry, Parkour, Surfing


Electronics, Radiology, Robotics


Observation, Survival, Taunting


Radiation Control 19X Limits: Collateral Damage, Toxic

Energy Absorption 8X

DESCRIPTION: Chad is 6’2", with a strong build and a surfer tan. He has blonde hair that is intentionally messy and glacial blue eyes. He has a tribal marking tattoo around one bicep and barbed wire around the other, and a tattoo on his back of a surfboard with a shark bite.


Chad Mitchell was born on June 3, 1996 in Mission Viejo, California. Chad was an adrenaline junkie from an early age and began to take up high energy activities, from surfing, to rock climbing, to parkour. He lived for the thrill and rush of adrenaline. Yet, despite his love for physical activity, there was an intellectual side hidden beneath the “surfer dude” image. Using skills learned from his father, an electrician, Chad joined the Woodland Hills high school robotics team, helping to lead them to national prominence.

His life changed in his efforts to impress a girl named Kylie. He jet-skied out to the San Onofre nuclear generating station. Using a seaward approach, he managed to sneak into the station and started to free-hand climb up one of the structures. While freerunning, he miscalculated one of the jumps and fell over forty feet into an active radiation zone. Miraculously, he survived the fall with nothing more than scrapes and bruises, but afraid that someone could have been alerted to the accident, he fled back with Kylie on the jet ski, laughing at his seeming luck.

Days later, Kylie took ill and died. Before an autopsy could be completed, his parents also became sick and were hospitalized with what appeared to be radiation sickness. It was only when many people within several blocks around Chad’s home started to develop similar symptoms that The Coalition Council took notice.

Chad Mitchell

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