Sidewinder - Mild-mannered snake girl


Name: n/a

Code Name: Sidewinder

Calling: Thrill-seeker

Edge: 1


Climbing, Natural Weapon (fangs)

Acrobatics (world-class)

Biochemistry, Medicine

Mesmerism, Trance


Monstrous Appearance 8 (looks like a naga)
Poison: Hemotropic 10 (uncontrolled)
Psychic Blast: Venom 6

DESCRIPTION: Sidewinder has the body of a nine-foot snake (scales appear much like those of a sidewinder – gray with darker gray patches on her back) with keeled scales that are very rough to the touch. She does have a humanoid face though it is hooded and covered in scales also. Her eyes are more snake-like than human with elliptical pupils rather than round. Just over her eyes are two horn-like protrusions. Inside her mouth are long, hollow, movable fangs which release venom that attacks the bloodstream and paralyses her victims.


Sidewinder is of an alien race, the likes of which have never before been seen on earth. She was
smuggled to the earth as an egg by a group of merchant aliens. They quickly sold her off to a carnival owner who used her since her hatching as the main attraction in his freak show in Arkansas. There, she was treated as nothing more than an animal and, as such, has not developed full social skills.

She escaped 3 years ago when she attacked her captor through the use of mesmerism and her
mind. While she didn’t kill him, she left him drooling on the floor in front of her cage. Shortly after escaping, she chanced upon a kind young woman by the name of Rachel Malik (aka: Nagini).

Rachel has spent the last three years mentoring Sidewinder and teaching the alien girl a thing or two about the social graces of the human race. The Academy, an establishment Rachel has ties to, has also helped Sidewinder acclimate to a world beyond a cage.


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