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Welcome To the New Genesis Universe

A whiz-bang over-the-top fantastical supers universe that straddles the line between gritty realism and four-color heroics.

What This Is For

The wiki is going to primarily exist as a player resource for details about the setting: its rules, factions, history, and personality. It’ll help us keep track of the general timeline of events and in what ways the players actually change the world around them – which I expect will happen quite a bit!


The game will utilize standard character creation rules utilizing Marvel SAGA edition. (the version with the 96 card fate deck) 10 card draw, 2 redraws allowed. Power limitations and disadvantages are permitted. All creation and limit draws should be done from the full deck. All characters must be between 13 and 17 years of age and should be either sidekicks of Coalition supers or students at The Academy.

House rules mostly apply to limitations on and applications of certain powers. You can find them all here.

The Universe


The universe New Genesis takes place in is superficially like our own, in the modern day, appx. 2015. Up until the 1930s, history was exactly the same as it was in the history books. It was around that time that the first costumed superhero appeared, and from there on everything changed.


As previously stated, the history of the world is identical to ours up until the establishment of superheroes in the 1930’s. You can read more details of the history here:

History of the New Genesis Universe


The world of New Genesis is identical to our own, except that superheroes and supervillains exist within it. However, there are a number of corollary differences in the setting resulting from justifications of that implied conceit. For example, there are a number of fictional countries and ethnic groups. Sentient alien species have working relationships with various governmental agencies, including supers of various stripes. Certain technologies have moved beyond theory, such as artificial intelligence and faster-than-light travel. Magic is quite real and learnable. Other minor variations exist due to the ongoing activities of various super-beings.


Heroes of the New Genesis Universe

Superheroes have existed since the 1930s – they began to organize more or less during World War 2. Their powers, if they have them, are derived from several sources. Many supers were subjected to bodily transformations after being exposed to various forces or substances. Others are of non-human ancestry, alien beings or creatures from one of the various Realms (see below). Others are magic-users, using trained skills or in-born talents to access strange energies drawn from other dimensions. Still others derive their power from technology, from powered armor to unique weapons. And of course, some of the most legendary heroes are those with no powers at all – nothing but keen intellect, intense physical training, and specialized equipment.

In the past 20 years there has been a new source of superhuman powers. For no ascertainable reason, a certain percentage of children have been born with a genetic anomaly. Referred to as a “neogene,” these children often exhibit no changes – unless they are subjected to some kind of significant trauma. The neogene, triggered as an adaptive response, causes some kind of physical mutation in the person, granting them various abilities. How this manifests is unpredictable, though neos, as they are referred to colloquially, tend to have more “unified” power sets, frequently related to either internalized talents or gross biological changes. Transformations, enhanced physical abilities, and variations on psychic powers are common. The emergence of neos has had a number of impacts on the world, not the least in the fact that there are a much much larger number of people with powers, many of whom never wanted them and have no interest in using them for anything, much less superheroics. As a result, the nomenclature has shifted such that people distinguish between supers (which is anyone who has any sort of enhanced abilities) and capes, which are those who serve as actual heroes.


Technology in the New Genesis Universe

Various pieces of tech that are far more advanced than what exists in our world is available, but a great deal of it is generally inaccessible or completely unique, often the property of a given superhero or villain. There is a decent amount of highly advanced alien technology flying around, and smugglers occasionally sell to criminal elements or others. Secret government laboratories work on various projects, including interstellar travel, cloning, genetic manipulation, teleportation, and alternative energy sources. Robots and androids with fully realized AI are also common.

The Realms

Hidden Realms of New Genesis

Realms are demi-dimensions that exist inside of ours. These are secret kingdoms, realms of folklore and legend that the superhuman inhabitants of Earth have built relationships with. Unlike full on other dimensions, these can generally be accessed by physically going there, usually be means of well hidden entrances and various arcane methods of access. They often sit “within” other areas, but are much larger on the inside. Examples include Atlantis, Avalon, Shangri-La, The Underworld, the Hollow Earth, and some others.


Alien Races and Systems of New Genesis

Superheroes of Earth have had a large amount of contact with various alien races and civilizations. It is worth noting, however, that there is minimal interstellar interaction between entire civilizations. This is because there is only a single race that has developed faster-than-light travel – The Rhun. A race of nomadic traders, they were the first alien race to make contact with earth. They control all inter-planetary trade and passage, and their systems are a closely-guarded secret. The Rhun build their warpgates and set up stations in various systems to interact with the local sophonts, allowing them to travel using their gate system, or trade using their merchants. All for a fee, of course. The monopoly the Rhun hold over interstellar travel has made it so large-scale interplanetary politics or conflicts simply cannot exist, unless said planets are neighbors in the same system and have developed efficient sublight drives. Many individual aliens, or small groups, still travel around quite a bit, and there is a reasonable amount of trade that also occurs. The closer the planet was to the (now destroyed) Rhun homeworld, the more “cosmopolitan” they tend to be. Sol system has a Rhun outpost, but they haven’t been revealed to the world at large. They do have a diplomatic relationship with the government and various superhuman factions.

Other Supernatural Elements

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