Welcome to the world of New Genesis

The New Genesis super campaign was built out of my desire to run a superhero campaign that incorporated both the traditions of superhero comics and the aspects of various extant supers universes that I like, while removing the limitations of setting a game in Marvel or DC. Not wanting to require my players to memorize huge amounts of setting information, I am creating this wiki – which they will also be able to edit and contribute to – to organize info accessible to everyone as needed, and to allow the universe to be shaped by the players.

In this campaign, the players will assume the roles of members of what is roughly the fourth generation of superheroes to exist as such in the world. They will be the teenage (13-18 year old) proteges of existing heroes, or young independents making their own way for the first time. Most of them will be former or current students at The Academy, a government sanctioned educational institution for minors associated with supers.

Theme and Assumptions (also known as a the same-page check)

1. The characters are Superheroes. This isn’t Heroes or Runaways or even Smallville. Its not a drama about coping with the tragedy of being superhuman. The characters are young and “in-training” but they are still actively operating in an organized institution of costumed heroes. Everyone in the world is familiar with heroes and they are predominantly accepted by the common man.

2. The characters are young. They want to be supers or at least see it as the best path for them in their current situation. Not everyone who ended up with unique abilities chose to be a hero, but these kids did. The passing of the torch and the growth of the characters into adults while they learn to be the heroes their mentors are, while even showing them how capable they can be, is core to this.

3. The world has a history. I’m keeping it not particularly set in stone, because I want my players to fill in as many blanks as possible! But that doesn’t mean that the essential fact of it being a world with a tradition of costumed adventurers isn’t thematically relevant. There are monuments to these people, and epic events that they participated in, core to the history of the world it is in.

4. The world is marvelous. This is a world with aliens, ancient wizards, intelligent robots, and extra-dimensional entities. It is a world where the dreams of the atomic age were almost entirely fulfilled, as real-world science was overrun by SUPERSCIENCE!


Major inspirations for this setting come from both DC and Marvel, particularly Teen Titans and Young Justice (the cartoon versions of both) and X-Men Evolution, as well as New X-Men, Young Avengers, The New Teen Titans, The Outlaws and The Exiles. Avengers: The Initiative is also relevant to parts of it.

New Genesis

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