History of the New Genesis Universe

History of the New Genesis


From pre-history up until 1934, the written history of the world was identical to our own. A rough-timeline of relevant events follows.

  • 1934: The very first costumed vigilante, a man named Wheeler Nicholson aka “The Detective,” wearing a trenchcoat, fedora, and a domino mask, foiled an armed bank robbery with fisticuffs and some oddball gadgetry. He was never seen again.
  • 1934 – 1938: The Pre-War Era. Costumed vigilantism still seen as a joke (and is highly illegal). Several become reasonably successful assisting with street-level crime or urban corruption. First actual superpowers appear.
  • 1939-1945: WW2. Several seeds are sown for various famous heroes. Clockmaker Ebeneezer Rubinstein constructs Tiny Tim to (successfully) defend his village. The OSS finalizes project Fivestar. Jackson Wheatly, a Cheapside street-thief, recruited as an SOE agent when he managed to sneak into the directors office.
  • 1945-1975: The Golden Age In response to the high levels of crime, particularly organized crime, that flourished during the war, superheroics start becoming more widespread. More individuals with powers appear, the result of science experiments or magic. In response, standard organize crime gives way before supervillainry, as gangs are taken over by powered individuals or those who can keep up with them. The center of the time period is the team known as The Crusaders, who become the iconic image of superheroes for the next 40 years.
  • 1953-1987: The Cape Wars – The Cold War flowed somewhat differently than it did in our world. While it still began not too long after WW2, it didn’t really heat up until the superpowers started utilizing, well, superpowers. Villains and heroes alike became much more occupied with operations of espionage between the East and West. The idea of villains and heroes started to blur.

History of the New Genesis Universe

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